A Workout for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Pilates is great for building muscle and core strength as well as kinesthetic awareness. Pilates as an exercise is based on listening to how your body feels during movements, moving mindfully and connecting your mind, body, and spirit. Pilates is used to help the body reach its full potential in terms of strength, flexibility, and power. It activates muscles, like the diaphragm, multifidi, pelvis, and transverse abdominals, which are crucial for finding balance. The exercise becomes even more of a fun, challenging, and dynamic workout when paired with TRX suspension training that leaves you feeling refreshed and strong! In addition to helping relieve chronic back and lumbar pain, Pilates reinforces muscles that help you regain mobility and prevent further injury. It can be used in addition with other forms of care, like chiropractic care.

Strengthen Your Body and Mind

While moving, you are more in-tune and aware of your body, how it is moving, and how it is feeling while it is moving. Much of Pilates centers around finding balance, strength, and fluidity in your movements while making the body lean, strong, and flexible. While engaging in Pilates, it is important to consider and incorporate the following into your workout:

  • Control
  • Precision
  • Centering
  • Relaxation
  • Rhythm
  • Whole body movement
  • Balanced development
  • Breathing
  • Concentration

TRX suspension training uses bodyweight to develop strength, core stability, and flexibility, enabling a higher workout performance and allowing you to heal your body and meet fitness goals. By leveraging body weight and gravity, you are able to control how much you want to challenge yourself. With our TRX Pilates, you are able to adjust your body position and make your workout easier or harder by adding or decreasing resistance. 

Pilates is great for enhancing flexibility and muscle endurance without risking injury, making it the ideal form of exercise for those with injury or those recovering from injury. If you would like to know about our TRX Pilates program or would like to sign up for a class, then contact Body of Beverly Hills Wellness now!





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