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What are the benefits of using the shockwave?

 What is shockwave?

It is a soundwave that is used to treat chronic and painful conditions of the musculoskeletal system. It is actually a shockwave outside of the body known as Extracorporeal shockwave aka Acoustic compression. The “shock” sends intense and very short waves traveling faster than the speed of sound (1500 m/sec). There are two types available with pin point focus or radial spreads (massage). The massage setting is for superficial application to break up myofascial adhesions. It dissipates energy into adjacent tissues. It’s sound waves diffuse to cover larger area of injury with few adhesions.  The advantages of the massage type is that it may be used for the more uncomfortable areas with bone or fractures that won’t heal. Less energy is then wasted on such areas not requiring the treatment.

Is Shockwave Therapy made for you?

It is best used for the more chronic conditions to decrease pain (stress fractures, avascular necrosis, slow – healing bone, non-union fractures, stimulate healing (hurts at first) because allows activity during the treatment, decreased down time, three months faster healing time in the foot . Condition’s treatable by shockwave are but not limited to:

  1. Plantar Fascitis/Fasciitis
  2. Achilles and plantar tendinitis/Tendionosis
  3. Calcific Tendinitis or Tendinosis
  4. Connective tissue pain and degeneration
  5. Lateral epicondylitis
  6. Shoulder tendinopathies/rotator cuff
  7. Muscle pain and injuries
  8. Joint injuries
  9. Morton’s Neuroma
  10. Trigger points
  11. Scars/adhesions where the connective tissues meet boned
  12. Treats Erectile Dysfunction

 What is the purpose for shockwave treatment?

It’s purpose is pain relief and decrease the mechanical pressure and tension force. It overall increases cellular permeability, increases microscopic circulation and angiogenesis. It further increases metabolism in treated tissues. Breaks calcific deposits, stimulates osteoblasts and fibroblasts, stimulates pain-gate to block pain, suppresses substance P, creates temporary anesthesia through hyperstimulation, and decreases inflammatory chemicals.

What conditions are contraindicated with shockwave Tx?

Bone tumors/cancer, certain metabolic bone disease (osteoporosis, osteopenia), certain nerve or circulation disorders (clots), while pregnant, where the infection is present, where gas or air is present (do not want to create gas embolus)

What are the possible side effects of shockwave therapy?

Mild affects could be tingling, aching, redness or bruising are rare, mild and short lived. Pain may increase during treatment, it depends on patient’s pain tolerance. More common with higher energy treatments.

How often should I get treatment with shockwave therapy?

With low intensity it should be done one to two times per week for a period of three to four weeks. Afterwards continue one time per week for a total of seven weeks.

What should I do at home between treatments?

 It is recommended to include stretches, friction massage, ice, or other standard treatments concurrently. It is a good idea to ice first to decrease pain of treatment.

What can I expect post shockwave treatment?

Decrease in pain and not immediate pain. Improved range of motion.  Continued changes and improvements throught the period of one to six months.

Is shockwave reimbursable by insurance?

Medicare and United Health Care do not reimburse for use