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Functional Fitness Specialist

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This service is available in all our Encino and Beverly Hills locations. 

Functional Fitness Q&A

Most exercise programs focus on strengthening one muscle group at a time. By comparison, functional fitness trains multiple muscles that work together, strengthening your body and preparing it to perform real-life activities. Michael Kaliko, DC, and the team at Body of Beverly Hills Wellness in Studio City, Encino and the Carthay Circle neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, create individualized functional fitness plans so your body is ready to meet the challenges of your daily life. To learn more about functional fitness, call the office or request an appointment online today.


What is functional fitness?

Functional fitness trains all the muscles you use to perform specific tasks. The exercises used during a functional fitness program strengthen and coordinate the muscles you use during your daily routine at home, on the job, or for specific sports. 

Your regimen includes exercises that simultaneously train multiple muscles in your upper and lower body. At the same time, functional fitness focuses on core stability and strength.

What benefits will I gain from functional fitness?

By strengthening multiple joints and muscles instead of isolating specific muscle groups, like conventional weight lifting, functional fitness provides training that improves your quality of life and lowers your risk of injury while performing everyday activities. 

Functional fitness can help anyone at various stages in their lives. For example, you may have strong arms from lifting weights at the gym, but taking your toddler in and out of their car seat or even picking up heavy luggage demands solid leg and core strength, which you may have neglected at the gym. 

The next thing you know, you pick up your toddler and throw your back out of alignment. Functional training helps prevent that by strengthening all the muscles used in real-world movements.

Functional fitness is especially beneficial for older adults. The team at Body of Beverly Hills Wellness develops customized programs that help older adults lower their risk of falls by improving their balance, strength, and agility.

What should I expect from a functional fitness program?

The team at Body of Beverly Hills Wellness creates an individualized functional fitness plan that starts slowly and gradually builds your strength, flexibility, and endurance. In addition to using the equipment on-site, your provider may give you tips for using resistance bands or dumbbells at home to reinforce your functional fitness.

Your training may include a wide variety of exercises. One example of a functional exercise is a bent-over row. Instead of sitting on a machine and rowing, you perform a bent-over row by leaning over, holding weights in each hand, then pulling the weights up with your elbows pointing toward the ceiling. This exercise builds your back, shoulders, arms, and works your entire body. It also mimics the movement required for many real-life situations.

To start a functional fitness program, call Body of Beverly Hills Wellness, or request an appointment online.