The Tools and Knowledge You Need to Avoid Injury

We aim to support our clients through all of their physical ailments, conditions, and injuries, and through our various services, we do just that! We also want to support our clients before they come to us with an injury, and do so by providing the necessary knowledge that they need to prevent an injury from occurring or recurring. We want to ensure that our clients are taking care of their bodies and maintaining their physical well-being as much as they can. Our responsibility extends beyond just taking care of your pain and offering pain treatment solutions, we believe that it is our duty to prevent those injuries from happening in the first place. To find out more about our pain treatment solutions, contact us today.

What is Preventative Care?

Preventative care is a medical service that defends against health emergencies. This can include doctors visits, check-ups, immunizations, chiropractic care, and more. Preventative care can look different depending on who you are and your unique needs, but the goal for all kinds of preventative care is to help people stay healthy and avoid diseases and other kinds of conditions or ailments. Some preventative care can even be done by you without your knowing. If you exercise regularly, eat the right foods, and support your mental health, you are participating in preventative care. When you come to Body of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, some of the preventative care we are happy to offer include chiropractic therapy, rehabilitation, massage therapy, and more! There are endless ways to restore your body’s health and prevent it from deteriorating. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment.

What is Corrective Care?

There is nothing worse than thinking you solved a problem only for it to return. This causes anger, stress, and, well, unnecessary pain. Corrective care works on the underlying structural abnormalities to make a more permanent change. It is a different approach to maintaining optimal health, but works in the way of trying to prevent pain from recurring. A corrective care chiropractor will evaluate your nervous system and spine column for trauma and function, as well as search for the cause of the pain and design a plan of treatment for the patient. If you have experienced ongoing chronic pain and are looking for relief, corrective care may be an effective long term treatment. At Body of Beverly Hills Wellness, we focus on identifying the underlying problem that is producing the pain before helping our patients escape the pattern of injury and re-injury.

Our goal is to help you improve your well-being and health, no matter what state it is in. If you are interested in more of our preventative care services, then take a look at our services page. If you would like more information about our corrective care, then please contact us today.