Control Pain and Reduce Swelling

Lymphedema is the condition of protein-rich lymphatic fluid accumulating and swelling in the arms and legs. This swelling occurs when the veins or vessels are so impaired that the lymph fluid cannot be transported back into the bloodstream. When left untreated, the fluid causes the lymph tissue channels to swell and increase in size, which limits the amount of oxygen that is carried to these extremities. The lack of oxygen slows the healing time and increases the risk of infections due to the build-up of bacteria. Lymphedema can be present at birth or develop later on in life, either due to unknown reasons or the result of arterial abnormalities. If you’re looking for a wellness center in Los Angeles that caters to treating your lymphedema, call us today!

What is Lymphedema?

Surgery can seem like a possible solution to this problem, but it can cause secondary lymphedema, as it blocks the lymph fluid from naturally flowing back through the lymph system. Further, radiation therapy can damage healthy lymph nodes and can cause scar tissue to form, which further interrupts the lymph fluid from returning naturally back into the lymph system. This condition can have devastating effects on the breast and prostate tissue, making it necessary to find a treatment that helps target pain and reduce swelling. This chronic condition, which affects more than 250 million people, can begin with mild swelling in the hands and the feet, making the limbs become edematous and loosening the skin if left untreated. If lymphedema continues to be left untreated, it can lead to infection and irreversible complications. 

There is no treatment for lymphedema, so much of the treatments revolve around reducing swelling and pain. In addition to wrapping the affected areas in compression garments, it is also possible to help control the pain and swelling through light exercise, massage, and simply wrapping the affected limb in a bandage that encourages fluid flow back into your body.

Why Compression?

While other treatments can lead to injury, surgical compression has been shown to effectively reduce swelling and encourage the fluid to move back into the bloodstream. Manual lymph drainage, or MLD, uses gentle massaging and a pumping motion to achieve the same effect while other centers use a special bandage technique. Further, compression pumps are also being shown to be an effective form of treatment that consists of an air pump and a sleeve that fits over the extremity. Uniform pressure is placed over evenly over the entire extremity and applies sequential pressure that is similar to the different pressures that are a part of a normal and healthy lymphatic system. Compression creates a massaging action that helps move the fluid from the affected areas back into the body. Once it is back into the bloodstream, it can be naturally filtered, concentrated, and distributed throughout the body. Lymphatic compression therapy is comfortable, extremely effective, and a cost-effective form of therapy.

If you are living with lymphedema and feel like you are all out of options, then come to Body of Beverly Hills Wellness! You can rely on us to help you control your pain and swelling with our compression therapy. If you would like to find out more or would like to set up an appointment, then contact us today!